Hoteles Rurales

Mas Taniet l´hotelet rural - Locality

Mas Taniet, is situated in the village of Benissanet, in the municipality of La Ribera d'Ebre to the right of the river Ebre, just four hundred meters from the fluvial current. Between the village and the hotel one finds fields of fruit-bearing trees. Just in front to the side of the river, is Ginestar. For many years both villages were connected by ferry. Nowadays, after a flood swept it away, it is necessary to cross the river with Miravet's boat or via Móra d'Ebre's bridge.

The river Ebro, it is the vertebral axis of the Ribera, crossing it throughout the years she has turned the landscape into a splendid valley. On both sides of the river one can find small villages and extensive plantations of trees of sweet fruit, vineyards and olive trees. We are surrounded by the majestic mountains of Prades, Serra de Pándols, Els Ports de Besseit, La Serra de Cardó.

One can continue downstream to where she fuses with the sea one can find the spectacle of El Delta de l'Ebre, the abundance of the rice-fields up to the horizon. This natural and scarcely populated landscape allows the addition of birds difficult to be seen in their natural environment.

Please, let's do everything possible between us to preserve it.